The History of the Esfandiary Family is about to slowly yet surely unfold.




All historical input (pictures, stories, relevant facts) from or about members of the Esfandiary (Esfanidari) family will be very beneficial.




Abdol-Hossein Sadigh Esfandiary, who served in Iran’s diplomatic service for 40 years.

H.E. Ambassador  Abdol-Hossein Sadigh  Esfandiary served from 1920 to 1960, his career spanning the rule of two Shahs, Iran’s occupation by the Allied powers in World War II and the struggle for power that restored Shah Mohammed Riza Pahlevi to the throne in 1953.

In his 40 years as a diplomat, Mr. Esfandiary represented Iran in Afghanistan, Belgium, Germany, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. He settled permanently in the United States in 1979 to receive medical treatment.

After World War II he served as Iran’s first Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and later as its first Ambassador to Thailand. His son, HE Ambassador Mohsen Sadigh Esfandiary also served as Ambassador to Thailand from 1973-1976.

H.E. Ambassador  Abdol-Hossein Sadigh  Esfandiary is survived by:

2 Sons:  HE Ambassador Mohsen Sadigh Esfandiary and FM Esfandiary

4 Daughters: Farideh Sadjadi, Behjat Ghanbari, Fourzandeh Moghimi, Fereshteh Jahanbani

15 Grandchildren:

Behjat Ghanbari: Ebi Ghanbari, Akbar Ghanbari, Essi Ghanbari, Zahra Ghanbari

Farideh Sadjadi: Niloo Sadjadi-Eqbal, Maryam Sadjadi-Brenner, Cyrus Sadjadi

Fouruzandeh Moghimi: Kamran Moghimi,  Kamfar Moghimi, Kiu Mars, Mahnaz Moghimi

Mohsen Sadigh Esfandiary: Homayoun Sadigh Esfandiary, Dara Esfandiary

and 5 great-grandchildren.

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